Inspection of boats for condition and function

Boote-check (Boat Check) offers you qualified inspection of  boats for condition and function by officially certified experts sworn to impartiality.

Whether you are a boat owner who just wants to know the condition of your boat, contemplating buying a boat and want its technical condition checked, or an insurance professional who needs a potential customer's boat evaluated, Boat Check guaranties you qualified technical investigations by our government certified staff.

We’ll check your boat – you're ready to cast off!

Please contact us:
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Certification tests for mobile gas installations
phone +49(0) 171 570 21 18

Every owner has the duty to have his mobile gas installation tested and certified every 2 years!

Inspection of boats for condition and function

Our experts

Thomas Braß - staatliche anerkannter Sachverständiger für Boote

Thomas Braß

… is a master electrician, electrical engineer, safety engineer and industrial engineer.
Since 1988, after holding various positions in the industry, he has worked as an officially sworn expert on electrical  installations (DIN EN ISO IEC 17024).

Braß prepares professional opinions on boat damage and cause of fires and evaluates the condition boats.

He advises owners and potential purchasers in questions of function and state of a boats. He also checks electric systems in marinas and boat sheds.
With his own motor-yacht, Thomas loves long cruises on the Mediterranean Sea, especially the Adriatic.


Frank Münzinger - Fachmann für Gasanlagen und Boote

Frank Münzinger

… is a mechanical engineer and his heart beats for boats and all marine subjects.

Since he was 7 years old he has lived "on" and near the water. He is owner of a motor-yacht and cruises in the area of Berlin, Mecklenburg and Baltic Sea.

He has collected a lot of experiences during long boat passages in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea and he can "hear the heart beat" of a boat.

He consults owners and purchasers and is an certified appraiser for mobile gas installations (DVGW G608 DIN EN ISO 10239  and DVGW G607 DIN EN ISO 1949 / European standards).

He is available throughout Europe.